Little Moons

What sets traditions apart


Year after year, generation after generation, new chocolatiers breathed life into this age-old recipe while introducing fresh concepts and ideas.

Then, one fateful day, humble wild raspberries from Diego’s Garden were lovingly dipped in homemade chocolate and subjected to the scrutiny of the family themselves. With unanimous approval, Franuí was born—a harmonious fusion of flavors that continues to capture hearts with each bite.

The beauty of such treasures lies in their sharing, and the story of Franuí continues with every indulgence. Every time you savor our chocolate-covered raspberries, you become part of this ongoing narrative.

The Story of Little Moons

Every Great Story Begins At The Beginning, And So Does The Tale Of Little Moons.

Entrepreneurship flows through the veins of ND DELICACIES. Our dynamic team comprises enterprising individuals brimming with energy and a relentless drive for results. We deeply value and harness the unique strengths and insights of each team member, igniting our passion and dedication to crafting exceptional culinary experiences for our customers.

The Ingredients

Pure Intensity of Flavor
No Artificial Additions

Outer Soft Mochi Dough

The foundation of Little Moons, this dough is meticulously crafted to achieve its signature softness and chewiness.

Inner Creamy Gelato Ice Cream

Encased within the dough, our slow-churned gelato ice cream ensures an intense flavor experience with every bite.

Craftsmanship in Small Batches

Each Little Moon is created in small batches, infused with love and care to deliver an exceptional treat.

Our Commitment

to Sustainability

At Little Moons, flavor is only part of the story. We’re passionate about sustainability too. An impressive 96% of our packaging is recyclable, promoting responsible disposal practices. We’re dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint:

Simply remove the plastic film (dispose of it in the general rubbish bin).

Use leftover washing-up water to rinse the plastic tray before recycling.

Place the plastic tray and carton box in your recycling bin.

Guided By

Passion And Innovation

Recognizing the enchanting power of mochi to bring smiles, even when people weren’t quite sure what it was, they embarked on a two-year journey to perfect recipes and techniques. Their dedication paid off as Little Moons quickly found its way onto menus and into stores, sparking joy with each bite of mochi ice cream.

Today, the story is no longer just about them; it’s about all of us—the dedicated team of mochi makers, exceptional suppliers, a supportive community, and the countless moments of joy sparked by a single bite of mochi ice cream.

Exclusive Distribution Partner ND DELICACIES

It is the official and exclusive distributor of Little Moons for the Israeli and Palestinian markets.